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Doris Eret, PR & Marketing
40670 Meerbusch / Insterburger Str. 18
Telefon: 0049 / 2159 / 9 28 48 00
E-Mail: service(at)hey-sign.de

Publications in magazines
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Publications in magazines

Zuhause Wohnen issue 06/2019, HEY-SIGN table runner Stamp
Küchen Style issue 2019, HEY-SIGN vase Enya and seat cushion for Fiber Sidechair
Das Haus issue 05/2019, HEY-SIGN wall element Comb
Wohnen & Deko issue 03/2019, HEY-SIGN egg cosy bunny
AIT issue 03/2019, HEY-SIGN mural design Relief
Raum und Wohnen issue 03/2019, HEY-SIGN seating Diamond
Brigitte Ausgabe 03/2019, HEY-SIGN firewood basket
Wohndesign issue 02/2019, HEY-SIGN space element Flow
Trend and Style issue 02/2019, HEY-SIGN acoustic elements made of wool felt
interior fashion issue 02/2019, Mural design of shingles made of HEY-SIGN wool felt
COSY issue 02/2019, HEY-SIGN Comba, Diamond and Hey-Light
stil & markt issue 02/2019, HEY-SIGN jubilee product
Interior fashion issue 01/2019, HEY-SIGN ceiling object Wave
Mein Eigenheim issue 01/2019, HEY-SIGN wall panel Silent Flower
Möbelmarkt issue 01/2019, HEY-SIGN ceiling object Wave
Trend and Style issue 01/2019, 20 years of HEY-SIGN
P&G issue 12/2018, HEY-SIGN Silent Flower
Schrot & Korn issue 10/2018, HEY-SIGN basket Bigi
ci issue 09/2018, HEY-SIGN acoustic series Wave
Upperclass Ausgabe 08/2018, HEY-SIGN Moneypenny
Elle Decor issue 07/2018, HEY-SIGN space element Flow
CUBE issue 07/2018, HEY-SIGN acoustic elements
arcade issue 07/2018, HEY-SIGN seat and bench cushions, seatings as well as with storage boxes in the old church Bernkastel-Wehlen
P&G issue 05/2018, HEY-SIGN table module Wave and HEY-SIGN placemats
Schöner Wohnen, issue 05/2018, HEY-SIGN basket Comba
BLOOM' s DECO issue 05/2018, HEY-SIGN bottle cooler Cool Box
COVER summer issue 2018, HEY-SIGN curtain Flow
Discover Germany issue 05/2018, HEY-SIGN acoustic elements
stil & markt issue 05/2018, HEY-SIGN placemats and HEY-SIGN coasters
Schöner Wohnen, issue 05/2018, HEY-SIGN Room divider Wave curved
Möbel Kultur, issue 04/2018, HEY-SIGN Mural design Relief
baby & junior issue 04/2018, HEY-SIGN paper basket und rug Pappus
AIT, issue 04/2018, HEY-SIGN Mural design Woven
Trend & Style, issue 04/2018, HEY-SIGN decoration Wondering
digest issue 02/2018, HEY-SIGN mural design Relief
P & G, issue 03/2018, HEY-SIGN at Ambiente 2018
Schöner Wohnen issue 02/2018, HEY-SIGN room divider woven
interieur issue 02/2018, HEY-SIGN suspended module, rug woven 5 and seat cushion Big Quart
Grün issue 02/2018, HEY-SIGN seat cushion Enno
interior fashion issue 01/2018, HEY-SIGN booth, imm cologne 2018
Energiesparhäuser + ökologisch bauen Ausgabe 01/2018, HEY-SIGN seat cushion Rondo and Posito
arcade issue 01/2018, HEY-SIGN Bowl and room divider Wave curved
Schöner Wohnen issue 01/2018, HEY-SIGN room divider Wave curved
Traumhaus issue 01/2018, HEY-SIGN paper basket
P&G issue 01/2018, HEY-SIGN table runner Stars
Tendances & Habitat issue 12/2017, HEY-SIGN space element Flow and backpack Tilda
Schöner Wohnen issue 08/2017, HEY-SIGN seat cushion Tolix
interior fashion issue 6/2017, HEY-SIGN rug Field

Publications in books

Trade Fair Design Annual 2017/2018
Trade Fair Design Annual 2015/2016
Trade Fair Design Annual 2014
Trade Fair Design Annual 2010/2011
Trade Fair Design Annual 2008/2009
Trade Fair Design Annual 2007/2008
Wohndesign Die Klassiker
500 Felt Objects
Kids Design 2010
Wool Modern
Surface Year Book 2011
Filz 2000